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Sleep Apnea Appliances 

If you are currently suffering from sleep apnea, most likely you are using a C-PAP machine, and find that the mask is difficult to wear, or even untolerable..  At our office, we have had considerable success treating sleep apnea with a SUAD aplliance.  Similar to a night guard, it is worn when sleeping, and positions the tongue and lower jaw in such a fashion as to prevent airway bolckages responsible for oxygen deprivation which causes apnea. It is easy to wear, does not restrict your movement, and replaces the C-PAP macine/mask. The patients who wear this appliance are very grateful, and find that it promptly alleviates the fatigue caused by sleep deprivation related to sleep apnea. We have found that this procedure is often covered by major medical insurance when documented by the results of a sleep study oredered by your physician. Ask our doctors for more information.